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     Nine Group offers services of all kinds to give our current and aspiring Jr. and NCAA players the most opportunity and best training and support. We strive to fit every budget and offer mix and match packages to suit your needs.  These are very important years in the career of a hockey player, and they bring the hardest decisions. Move forward in your Draft or NCAA dreams with people that care about your future. We've been through this before. Personally and with clients. Have confidence in your decisions and know you have a great team supporting you in every facet.  If you feel you could benefit from development and management, please feel free to fill out our application form below. 

Unfortunately, not every player is going to be the right fit with our company. We take huge pride in being upfront and honest with any parent/ guardian or player who contacts us. 


  • NHL On Ice training and development
  • Major Junior Draft preparation for CHL (Canada) and USHL (USA)
  • NCAA preparation and advisement
  • Connections to teams, schools, organizations, coaches, scouts, etc.
  • Assessment by experienced coaches on areas to improve
  • Recruitment videos and campagnes 
  • Wholesale equipment and training account with all of hockey's major brands
  • Off Ice Training Programs
  • Connections to other players, coaches, and agents in your specific field
  • Invites to Nine Group small group invite only skates
  • Nutrition plans
  • Sports/ Social Media Packages showcasing the player
  • Connections with training camps, tournaments, teams, and training in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. 
  • Zoom®/ Facetime meetings with clients and parents regarding players progress
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • School changes/ transfers
  • All other things hockey
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