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     Nine Group offers services of all kinds to give our current and aspiring Pro players the most opportunity and best training and support they need. We understand as well as anyone the journey to becoming a Professional Hockey Player. We have a combined 35 years of experience as Professional Players, Coaches, GM's and Scouts and Advisers.

Greg McCauley serves our Pro Player on-ice programs with a resume as a former Professional  Player/ Head Coach/ GM/ and  Development Coach at the NHL and Pro level in Canada, USA and overseas. 

We understand every aspect of entering, transitioning, or leaving a Pro Career.  Breaking into the Pro game is harder than ever and we strive to make sure you get every opportunity available to help your hockey dreams become a reality.

Unfortunately, not every player is going to be the right fit with our company. We take huge pride in being upfront and honest with any parent/ guardian or player who contacts us. 


  • NHL On Ice training and development
  • Placement, Negotiation, Contracts
  • Connections to teams, organizations, coaches and GM's
  • Recruitment videos and campagnes 
  • Connections to other players
  • Invites to Nine Group small group Pro invite only skates
  • Nutrition plans
  • Sports/ Social Media Packages showcasing the player
  • Connections with training camps, tournaments, teams, and training in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. 
  • Zoom®/ Facetime meetings with clients and parents regarding players progress
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • School changes/ transfers
  • All other things
  • Immigration and Visa Processes
  • Individual nutrition plans and off ice training stratagy
  • Connections to Custom, Pro Stock and access to our Hockey account
  • Connections to training camps, conditioning camps and preparation camps in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia
  • Zoom® and Facetime meetings with clients
  • Legal and lawyer advice 
  • Sports Psychologists
  • All other things Hockey
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